Pre-wedding or Engagement shoots

Pre wedding or Engagement shoots as they are also know are a great way for us all to have some fun in front of the camera. When I meet couples for the first time, one of the things they almost always say to me is that they "aren't good in front of the camera” or that “we have never had a nice photograph of the two of us together”. Of all the Weddings I have photographed, I can honestly say I have yet to meet a couple who I haven’t enjoyed photographing and who haven’t loved the shots we’ve taken.

Most couples are quite nervous about having their photograph taken and that’s perfectly natural – it’s also why these shoots are such a great thing for us to do together before the wedding.  The shoot lasts a hour, at a location the North West of your choice. They can take place at any point before your wedding, however if you are having a signing frame for the wedding, please allow enough time (usually a few weeks) to get the images edited, printed and ready for the frame.


After the shoot, we'll spend some time chatting about your Wedding day.