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PfCO Training

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2. PfCO Training

So the course has been booked and paid for, and now the hard work starts...

As soon as you place the order with Uplift Drone Training for the course, you get access to their e-learning site which is part of the Fast Track course I booked with them. The Fast Track PfCO course comprises of 3 elements; Ground School, Flight Test and Operations Manual.

The e-learning covers the same subjects as the ground school, but you do need to have done the e-leaning prior to attending the ground school;

  • Air Law
  • Maps and Charts
  • Airspace
  • Meteorology
  • Aircraft
  • Airmanship
  • Human Factors
  • Operating Procedures

I did initially look at the e-learning once I bought the course, but as the ground school wasn't until March, I decided to leave this until after Christmas so it was still fresh in my head. January came and I started reading the online material, as well as making lots of notes on Onenote - if you haven't used this before, Its a fantastic way of keeping notes, as it is designed just like a note pad with sections and easy searching, best of all its free and works on a Mac too!

The online material goes into lots of detail, but with good explanations and diagrams - so I chipped away at each of the subjects over a few weeks making sure I understood what everything meant. There were tests at the end too, to ensure everything you were being taught actually went it.

A few days before ground school started, I read through the online material and my notes once again just to refresh my memory.

The morning of ground school came, and I arrived at the hotel near Knutsford along with the other 7 students and we got chatting over a coffee and also met our trainer for the two days, Matt. A quick introduction by all showed that everyone had different reasons for being there, and some had never flown a drone before too - so there were all ages and abilities.

Now down to the hard work of learning the material...

Uplift provide a printed copy of the training material, along with a current flight planning map of the area and flight reference cards - essential for flying a drone as we would learning along the course.


Matt certainly knew his stuff, and answered all the questions fired at him from all the students. The 2 days passed quickly and I certainly learnt a lot from it, with a quick flight planning task at the end just before the theory exam at the end of day 2.

The next day I found out I had successfully passed the theory, phew!


Next time blog post number 3. The Ops Manual




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