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PfCO Ops Manual

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3. PfCO Ops Manual

Officially known as a UAS OSC, but more commonly known as an Operations manual, or "Ops Manual", writing this is the final step before the actual flight test.

When you first start looking at the Ops Manual, it can be quiet daunting - however Uplift provide some well written templates based on CAA guidelines that you can use as a guide. The templates cannot be used as a copy/paste exercise - the manual must be written by yourself, about your company and about how you will operate your drone(s).

The Ops Manual consists of 2 volumes (or 3 if you require extended permissions), for me the 2 volumes would suffice.  

  • Volume 1 - Your business and how it is comprised and setup, from the health and safety policy to company structure and who the accountable manager is. This also covers your own operating procedures, how you plan a job, how you ensure it is safe to operate, setting up of your equipment, risk assessments, check lists and emergency procedures etc
  • Volume 2 - This is specific to the aircraft you will be using on operations, with details on specifications, failsafe facilities, single points of failure etc



I started writing my before ground school, straight after I had completed the online learning material, as there are guides online on how to complete this. I wanted to wait until after ground school before finalising and submitting mine just to see if there were any other nuggets of information I had missed.

With Uplift, once you have written your Ops Manual, you send it to them to check and if anything needs changing they advise you on what the changes are. This, I found really helpful, as I submitted mine and it was assigned to Col who came back really quickly and advised of a few very minor changes which I did.


Next time, the final blog post, 4. The flight test in detail


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