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February 12, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Every so often I update my website with a fresh new look and feel, and recently I thought about updating the logo too. My current 'frame' logo was created 5 years ago by a designer friend. I gave him a brief along the lines of 'nothing too cheesy, no aperture blades, no cameras, something modern, striking but still gives the hint of photography'.

So for anyone who wants to know the background behind my current logo heres the thinking behind it. To work our how a photograph might look before you take it, you can create a frame with your hands like this, and then close one of your eyes to look through the frame you have created..... 


and thats what the grey frame represents in my logo below.


I've thought about a 'signature' font to replace my logo, but after testing a few ideas on social media - it became apparent that the logo and text are what I am know for - after all it is my 'brand'.

So after careful consideration and a lot of work I have decided to stick with my current logo.

Thanks again for everyone who helped! Social media is a godsend.


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