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Why is professional wedding photography expensive?

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Why is professional wedding photography expensive?

This is a question that can crop up when planning a wedding, and something that couples think they can cut back on, after all everyone has a camera these days right? Well that might be true, but smartphones are no match for a professional DSLR. So why choose professional wedding photography when Uncle Bob or your friends sisters boyfriends Dad has a "good" camera - again it all comes down to knowing how to use the camera, and how to use to in different situations for example you might be in a dark room one minute and in bright sunlight the next - knowing how to handle the camera in these situations is the difference. Let your friends and family enjoy your special day, and let me take the photographs.

Why do some photographers charge a few hundred, while others charge over a thousand for the same thing?

What I offer is a personal and professional service, a quality range of finished images and a wide range of ways of displaying the end result, be it stunning albums, canvas, acrylic, aluminium or simply a framed print. I guarantee no hard sell, after all I want you to be happy, cherish the end results and show off your images to friends and family.

I have overheads such as equipment, backup equipment, fuel, camera kit insurance, public liability insurance, indemnity insurance, training, sample albums, wedding fayres, advertising etc. I also have to take a wage, pay my staff and pay the tax man - all this costs money.

Photographers that charge just a few hundred pounds might sound like a great bargain but how can they be making money? Are they setup as a legit business, do they pay tax? Are they insured? What happens if they go bankrupt?

Take discount sites where you can buy wedding photography for an amazing 70% off or more. It may seem like a fantastic deal and a great way of saving money, but did you know with most of these sites the photographer only gets 50% of the actual price you pay? For example, say the advert is £1000 wedding photography for £300. You pay £300 for this amazing deal, but the photographer only gets £150, the discount company takes the rest. Put another way, £150 for an entire days photography plus all the editing etc afterwards? Would you work for less than the minimum wage - £150 / 50 hours = £3 per hour!

There are far more choices for those who opt to have a professional photographer, and my photographs will be taken to reflect you, and your requirements. I'll discuss beforehand what you would like to achieve from the end result and guide you with these choices.  

How about the time spent taking the photographs

The time and money I invest in your wedding photography is only a small portion of the time and money involved, for example;
• When you book your wedding with me, time is also spent meeting you as many times as you wish, to chat about you and your wedding, such as the group photographs, couple photographs, timings and best locations.
• All equipment including Cameras, flashes, studio lighting, and all back-up equipment is tested prior to your wedding.
• Setup of the equipment needed for the wedding
• Preparation time at the start of the wedding to go through the shoot with you, and discuss and further ideas.
• The actual wedding itself (which can be anything up to 14 hours for me and my second photographer) - Depending on the type of collection booked.
• Time to take travel to and from the wedding venues, including bridal and groom prep locations too.
• Transferring the images from the memory card to the computer, and backing these images up.
• Selecting and editing the RAW images to present to you in a polished state that you can view, i.e. jpg format. Unfortunately, people think that once the photograph is taken, thats our job done - this isn't the case as every image is individually edited by myself in my own unique style. This takes time not only to edit, but also to learn the skill involved.
• Exporting, resizing and uploading the online proof gallery for you and your friends/family to view. Exporting ready for printing.
• Checking the order for final photos, and releasing to the printers.
• Shipping or hand delivering the order/album.

As you can see from the process above, its not just a case of taking the photography, and passing it you you. A lot of work goes into providing you with the best possible images from your photoshoot. It takes hours, not minutes. Images straight out of the camera are similar to negatives from film cameras, they have all the detail and information, but don’t have any of the 'polish'. I edit the images to give that polish. Please also bear in mind that your monitor may not show the exact colour of the images. My monitor is calibrated using some of the latest technology to show the image exactly like my chosen lab will print them.

How many times have you taken a photo, and never done anything with it? Let professional photography change this, and impress your friends with a large canvas hung in your living room, or a stunning wedding album that you can admire with your friends, family and children for a lifetime.

With so many choices, you'll be spoilt for choice!

Why wait, book you no obligation chat now. I guarantee no hard sell!



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