Lifestyle Family Photoshoot Congleton

August 17, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

A few weeks ago I met up with a family for a lifestyle photoshoot just down the road from me in Congleton. We headed off to a local field on a lovely warm sunny afternoon (rare for the UK), sharing the field with a couple of cows a lot further down from us.

With these lifestyle photoshoots, I can capture children having fun rather than in an unfamiliar studio type environment  - and this is what Mum and dad had asked for.

Watching Noah walking, and often jumping through the long grass made us laugh, as the grass was nearly as tall as him - while Felicity took the easy option for the majority of the walk on the shoulders and arms of Mum and Dad!

Noah was a natural in front of the camera with very little prompting from me, often walking right up to the lens. A few games of hide and seek in the long grass gave me ample time to get some cracking shots of him.

2015-08-17_00012015-08-17_0001Lifestyle Photoshoot with Noah in Congleton

Felicity on the other hand was on a mission not to stand still, checking out the surroundings and everything else going on. We finally managed to catch her attention, and she delivered her cheeky smile!

2015-08-17_00022015-08-17_0002Lifestyle Toddler Photoshoot in Congleton

Onto a more chilled out Felicity where she sat or stood still just long enough to capture her lovely personality, and again her cheeky smile and mischievous grin.


Towards the end of the photoshoot, I think both of them had run themselves out of energy.



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