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As part of writing the Ops Manual, you have to write your own procedures and checklists which you will use on your flight test and commercial jobs one you receive your permission. In brief, these define how you will plan a job and operate the drone. You must learn these procedures!

Next was to arrange insurance, which needs to be EC 785/2004 compliant - again there are lots of companies offering drone insurance and as you would with any insurance I shopped around to get the most suitable for my business.

Once the test is booked in you are given a mock job which shows you the location of the test - which you must plan as if it were an actual commercial job, from planning, risk and site assessments right through to the actual test itself. I used all the resources and maps we had been taught how to use on the course to plan and complete site and risk assessments for the chosen location - and submitted this paperwork to Uplift for review. The remaining prep would be done once on site and before the test.

Logged Hours

Note the CAA only require 2 hours of logged flight time in the last 2 months and Uplift recommend 5-10 hours before the test, however I had 15 hours of flying time at this point. I would have liked more but due to the British weather over the winter, flight time had been limited, however I was confident in flying the drone at this stage.

Apps and websites

As part of the planning, I also used various website and apps such as NATS Drone Assist, UAV Forecast, WeatherPro, Windy, SD Light and AirMap

I also use DJI GO 4, DroneLogbook apps / websites.

Drone appsDrone AppsThe apps I use for my drone and the PfCO


For the test, and also to be used by me on commercial jobs going forward, I purchased the following required equipment - note the products aren't recommended, but you do need fire fighting equipment, a first aid kit, signs etc as a minimum. As you can see there is more than what you expect.

PfCO flight test equipmentFlight test equipment for your PfCOEquipment needed for a PfCO flight test PfCO Drone Warning SignWaring Sign Drone PfCODrone Warbing Sign PfCO

Here are links to the exact products I purchased;

Fire Extinguisher
As far as I know, there are no publicised guidelines on what type of extinguisher you need for a Drone, some recommend a C02, some recommend powder based. I chose this one as it was a general multi-purpose one, and if you do use it your drone will be a write off anyway.

First Aid Kit

Hi-Vis Jacket
I already had one from previous photography work. They are readily available online and in high street shops such as Halfords.

Wind Anemometer
As good as apps and websites are, its always good to know the wind speed at ground level, to judge if it is within the drones limitations. It is one of the first things you check once on site, before even unpacking your drone.

Drone Warning Signs

Navigational Maps
Luckily Uplift provided the latest maps of the local area, although these do change every year and you would be best to purchase these when they are updated.

Other equipment (some not specifically required for the test, but I had anyway)

3 DJI batteries (2 extra on top of the supplied battery to give me about 90 mins max flight time, in reality its about 70-80 mins)

Flight Case - I already had this for the drone and batteries etc, and I chose this one in particular as it enables the drone to keep its props on while being transported.

Flight Case P4PFlight Case for a Phantom 4 ProFlight case for a Phantom 4 pro

Lipo Battery Charging Bags
Not required for the flight test, however I would recommend them for charging and transportation as Lipo battery fires can be extremely quick to start and the advice is to let them burn out, but put out the surrounding area. Search online for Lipo battery fire to see how bad they are...

Landing Mat
Not required, but useful when landing on dusty or sandy ground, as it stops the dust entering the motors and drone.

The actual test

While driving from home to the test location, I was quite excited and not overly nervous at this point. The weather was perfect, blue skies with very little wind. Perfect flying conditions. I met Darren who would be my flight examiner at a nearby location and we headed to the test site. Darren put me at ease and we made a start.

The test is divided into 2 sections;

1. Briefing

Darren explained what would be required and assessed such as pre flight, in flight and post flight procedures. Then asked me some questions around hazards, risks airspace and flight distances. I then briefed him on my operating procedures, and asked him to be my observer (as part of my Ops Manual, I would always use an observer where required).

2. Flying

Darren explained the layout of the test site, which I guess was around 100m x 100m. He asked me to continue to follow my procedures while carrying out various manoeuvres such as a continuous yaw (spin), a figure of 8,  a square in GPS mode and the same square in ATTI (manual) mode and then at some unexpected point demonstrate my emergency procedures. Even though I was fairly relaxed during the test, nerves did kick in every so often - as to be expected. I did my post flight checks and packed up my gear.

The flight test is there for you to demonstrate you can safely and competently fly the drone in GPS and ATTI mode - its nothing to worry about providing you can. My advice would be... Know you drone, know how to fly safely, know your operating procedures and checklists and you will be fine.

Phew...the test was complete, and Darren debriefed me along with the words... "I'm pleased to tell you, you have successfully passed"

Result! All that hard work had paid off.


The final stage was to apply to the CAA for my permission and pay for the first year. This was straight forward again with help from Uplift. The estimated wait to receive the permission from submission is about 6 weeks, and so I was shocked when I received the email after just over 2 weeks!

"Please find enclosed your Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO)..."

Thats it, I've finally done it!

Now to start earning some money.



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PfCO Ops Manual 3. PfCO Ops Manual

Officially known as a UAS OSC, but more commonly known as an Operations manual, or "Ops Manual", writing this is the final step before the actual flight test.

When you first start looking at the Ops Manual, it can be quiet daunting - however Uplift provide some well written templates based on CAA guidelines that you can use as a guide. The templates cannot be used as a copy/paste exercise - the manual must be written by yourself, about your company and about how you will operate your drone(s).

The Ops Manual consists of 2 volumes (or 3 if you require extended permissions), for me the 2 volumes would suffice.  

  • Volume 1 - Your business and how it is comprised and setup, from the health and safety policy to company structure and who the accountable manager is. This also covers your own operating procedures, how you plan a job, how you ensure it is safe to operate, setting up of your equipment, risk assessments, check lists and emergency procedures etc
  • Volume 2 - This is specific to the aircraft you will be using on operations, with details on specifications, failsafe facilities, single points of failure etc



I started writing my before ground school, straight after I had completed the online learning material, as there are guides online on how to complete this. I wanted to wait until after ground school before finalising and submitting mine just to see if there were any other nuggets of information I had missed.

With Uplift, once you have written your Ops Manual, you send it to them to check and if anything needs changing they advise you on what the changes are. This, I found really helpful, as I submitted mine and it was assigned to Col who came back really quickly and advised of a few very minor changes which I did.


Next time, the final blog post, 4. The flight test in detail

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PfCO Training 2. PfCO Training

So the course has been booked and paid for, and now the hard work starts...

As soon as you place the order with Uplift Drone Training for the course, you get access to their e-learning site which is part of the Fast Track course I booked with them. The Fast Track PfCO course comprises of 3 elements; Ground School, Flight Test and Operations Manual.

The e-learning covers the same subjects as the ground school, but you do need to have done the e-leaning prior to attending the ground school;

  • Air Law
  • Maps and Charts
  • Airspace
  • Meteorology
  • Aircraft
  • Airmanship
  • Human Factors
  • Operating Procedures

I did initially look at the e-learning once I bought the course, but as the ground school wasn't until March, I decided to leave this until after Christmas so it was still fresh in my head. January came and I started reading the online material, as well as making lots of notes on Onenote - if you haven't used this before, Its a fantastic way of keeping notes, as it is designed just like a note pad with sections and easy searching, best of all its free and works on a Mac too!

The online material goes into lots of detail, but with good explanations and diagrams - so I chipped away at each of the subjects over a few weeks making sure I understood what everything meant. There were tests at the end too, to ensure everything you were being taught actually went it.

A few days before ground school started, I read through the online material and my notes once again just to refresh my memory.

The morning of ground school came, and I arrived at the hotel near Knutsford along with the other 7 students and we got chatting over a coffee and also met our trainer for the two days, Matt. A quick introduction by all showed that everyone had different reasons for being there, and some had never flown a drone before too - so there were all ages and abilities.

Now down to the hard work of learning the material...

Uplift provide a printed copy of the training material, along with a current flight planning map of the area and flight reference cards - essential for flying a drone as we would learning along the course.


Matt certainly knew his stuff, and answered all the questions fired at him from all the students. The 2 days passed quickly and I certainly learnt a lot from it, with a quick flight planning task at the end just before the theory exam at the end of day 2.

The next day I found out I had successfully passed the theory, phew!


Next time blog post number 3. The Ops Manual



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Starting the PfCO journey Drones have become hugely popular over the last few years, being used both by professionals and hobbyists and so I thought I'd write up my journey into the world of using drones for commercial operations, from a wedding photographers point of view. Please note through these blogs, all views are my own.

1. Starting the PfCO journey

Back in November 2017 I decided that after purchasing a DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone six months earlier, I could see a great opportunity to use this in my Wedding photography business to add an extra element. The Phantom 4 Pro is an amazing piece of kit once mastered, and the integrated 4K camera produces stunning results. Being a professional photographer image quality is key, and thats why I decided to go for this particular drone out of all the ones currently on the market. Those who know me well, know how much research I do into anything!


After spending a few hours researching exactly what was required, watching youtube videos and reading blogs etc it turns out you need permission from the CAA (not a license as some people think, as this doesn't actually exist) if you wish to use a drone for commercial purposes, or in fact if you intend to make money or any kind of reward. This permission is called a "Permission for Commercial Operations", or in short a PfCO.

In order to get the PfCO, you need to be assessed by an authorised training provider (NQE's to give them their correct name - National Qualified Entities). You'll see a lot of acronyms whilst training!

Some people may prefer to study themselves, but I decided to do the training via an NQE and so the next step was to research nearby NQE's. Luckily there were quite a few training locations nearby from various companies - Knutsford, Chester, Uttoxeter to name a few. After comparing lots of NQE's taking into consideration price, location, course dates and more importantly feedback from previous students, I was swaying towards Uplift Drone Training who had a training location near Knutsford. Perfect for me, as it is only 25 minutes drive away. I had a couple of questions, and decided to use their online chat facility - to which Lyndsay replied instantly and helpfully answered all my queries. Having good support was a big plus point for me in choosing the right NQE.

The decision was made...

Uplift, although not the cheapest or most expensive seemed to offer everything I wanted, and proved helpful when I had a query - and so with all this in mind and a training location nearby I bit the bullet and booked onto their Fast Track PfCO Course there and then via their online booking system. This particular course consisted of 2 days of ground school, a theory exam, assistance writing the Operations Manual, a flight test and support before, during and after. The date was set for March 2018.

Things were now getting real!


Next time blog post number 2. PfCO Training


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Photographers Copyright Copyright... there is confusion amongst photographers and people buying photography services on who has copyright. Here is a brief overview.

All photographs are given copyright protection under UK law, everything from a holiday snap to a professional wedding photograph. As the author of a photograph myself, any photographs I take or are taken by my company are the copyright of me, I own the copyright as I own my company. That isn't something made up by me, this is fact according to the Copyright, Design and Patents Act 1988. The photographer will own the copyright to their photographs for their life plus 70 years.

As a photographer, I have the following exclusive rights with regard to photographs I have created –

  • The right to reproduce the photograph
  • The right to distribute copies of the photograph to the public
  • The right to rent or lend the work to the public
  • The right to broadcast the work to the public
  • The right to make an adaption of your image

Copyright is automatically granted as soon as the photograph has been created. You do not need to register a photograph for it to have copyright. In the UK there is no public authority with which to register photographs.

However as a copyright owner, I have the right to assign your copyright to another person or body. This gives the other person that I have assigned the copyright to the same exclusive rights that I had as the first owner, but I have now lost because I have assigned them to someone else. That is why a photographer will never give away copyright.

If a photographer says they are granting you copyright free of charge - that is incorrect. They will never give them away. It would be like a chef giving you his secret recipe, or a major fast food chicken company giving you the Colonels secret recipe. It will never happen!


Photographs taken after 1st August 1989

Under UK law, only the copyright owner can licence the copying of a photograph. This means reproducing the work in any material form, which includes storing the work in any medium by electronic means. Only the copyright owner can licence the issuing of a photograph to the general public.

There are no usage situations where a client might wish to put a photograph which cannot be covered by an appropriate licence for an appropriate fee, and such licences should be agreed at the time of commissioning new work, or of seeking permission to reproduce existing photographs.


Be careful what is promised, and if in doubt check.


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Caroline and Craig Willington Hall Wedding Willington Hall near Tarporley is a grade 2 listed former country house, built in 1829 and now privately owned. From a photographers point of view, this is a dream to work at. The grounds and views are stunning, as it the newly built orangery. I am proud to be one of the recommended wedding photographers at Willington Hall.

Caroline and Craig chose this venue for both their pre wedding photoshoot and also their wedding, and I can see why. From the bridal prep to the first dance, the happy couple remained relaxed. Taking them away a couple of times for a few minutes, we were able to take some informal but relaxed couple photographs in and around the amazing grounds.

Craig didn't escape the speeches, with the best man and ushers showing a selection of old photographs he'd probably rather have forgotten!

The sunsets at Willington Hall are stunning, but unfortunately the clouds rolled in exactly as the sun was setting and so we couldn't get that particular photograph, never mind there are still lots of others!

Choosing a small selection of photographs for a blog post is difficult enough, but even harder with so much choice! It has taken a while, but I've finally done it.

Their suppliers were;

Photographer – Martin Pawlett Photography

Wedding ceremony and reception venue - Willington Hall Hotel

Hair and  Make-up – Harry Jon

Cake - Flora's Delights

DJ - Decades Discos

Here are some of my favourite photographs from their special day;

Willington Hall Wedding PhotographerWillington Hall WeddingsThe stunning entrance to Willington Hall Willington Hall Wedding PhotographerWillington Hall Summer WeddingsThe stunning rooms and grounds at Willington Hall perfect for Weddings Willington Hall Wedding Bridal PrepWillington Hall Wedding Bridal PrepBridal prep wedding photography in the amazing rooms at Willington Hall Willington Hall OrangeryThe Orangery at Willington HallThe stunning newly built Orangery at Willington Hall perfect for Weddings Group photographs at Willington Hall Willington Hall Wedding Group ShotsGroup shots taken by recommended Willington Hall Wedding Photographer, Martin Pawlett Willington Hall by DroneWillington Hall Drone PhotographyDrone Wedding Photography at Willington Hall in Cheshire Willington Hall Wedding Photography CheshireWillington Hall Wedding Photographer CheshireThe Orangery and surrounding grounds at Willington Hall, the perfect venue for Weddings Willington Hall WeddingsWedding Photographer in Cheshire at Willington HallCouple portraits at Willington Hall Wedding Venue near ChesterWedding Photography ChesterWillington Hall wedding venue near Chester Willington Hall NightWillington Hall by NightThe end of the evening at a perfect Willington Hall Wedding

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Alderley Edge Family Photoshoot The Edge, near Alderley Edge was the chosen location for this family photoshoot. With the autumn leaves in full flow, even the sun made a few brief appearances. There are so many different things to do and see here, its great from my point of view and talking of views - they are stunning, with views over to Manchester and beyond on a good day.

What a fantastic family, great fun to photograph and all great in front of the camera. Anyway here are the highlights from their photoshoot.

2018-04-04_00122018-04-04_0012 2018-04-04_00132018-04-04_0013 2018-04-04_00142018-04-04_0014 2018-04-04_00152018-04-04_0015

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Formby Beach Family Photoshoot A few weeks ago back in October on a surprisingly warm autumn day at Formby Beach, I met up with an amazing family for a photoshoot. Walking from the car park over to the dunes, you could see the delight in the kids faces. I knew this would be a fun photoshoot, with the eldest daughter being a natural in front of the camera. The youngest daughter was a little camera shy at first, but we soon managed to capture some amazing photographs fo the entire fanuly.

Here are some of may favourites.

2018-04-04_00082018-04-04_0008 2018-04-04_00092018-04-04_0009 2018-04-04_00102018-04-04_0010 2018-04-04_00112018-04-04_0011

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Sue and Steve Chimney House Hotel Wedding I was Sue and Steve's wedding photographer a few weeks ago. They picked an incredible venue to get married in, The Chimney House Hotel in Sandbach, Cheshire. I was happy finally to photograph a wedding at Chimney House Hotel, it's a very picturesque place and literally just down the road from where I live. It is a joy to photograph awesome couples in incredible locations like this. 

The ceremony was held at Chimney House Hotel which is an awe-inspiring location. It was the perfect setting for Sue and Steve to say their wedding vows and tie the knot. 

Guests took photos with the couple while at the reception. The atmosphere at the reception was perfect for entertaining the guests. Chasing each special moment with my second photographer for the day, Rob.

I always fall in love with spectacular Autumn weddings. It was quite a rainy day, but that didn't stop Sue and Steve making the most of their wedding day, it was never going to spoil this wedding. 

All in all we all had a blast at Sue and Steve's wedding. Here are my favourites from their day;

2018-04-11_00182018-04-11_0018 2018-04-11_00192018-04-11_0019 2018-04-11_00202018-04-11_0020 2018-04-11_00212018-04-11_0021 2018-04-11_00222018-04-11_0022 2018-04-11_00232018-04-11_0023 2018-04-11_00242018-04-11_0024 2018-04-11_00252018-04-11_0025

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Kate and Andy Wedding Wychwood Park Photography – Martin Pawlett Photography

Wedding reception – Wychwood Park Golf Club

Make-up – Make-Up by Gemma

Dress – Roberta's Bridal

Flowers – Marie's Flowers

Cake – Tiers of Affection

Ice Cream – Lanza's

From the moment I met Kate and Andy, I knew their wedding was going to be a blast. Photographing at Kate and Andy's wedding was one of the highlights of the season. They picked a wonderful venue to get married in. It was Wychwood Park Golf Club in Weston, Cheshire. As their recommended photographer, this wasn't the first time I had shot a wedding at Wychwood Park Golf Club, it is an extraordinary place to create such brilliant memories with so many locations around the grounds for amazing photographs. 

I love my job as a Cheshire wedding photographer, I couldn't ask for better opportunities than shooting stunning couples like Kate and Andy and working at spectacular venues like Wychwood Park Golf Club. 

Kate prepared herself early in the morning for her wedding over at the Wychwood Park Hotel. She had her hair and makeup finished and I shot the story as it developed. Andy was at  making himself look very dapper, donning his suit and applying the final touches with the guys over at the Golf Club. Their colour theme for the day was pink, and what an amazing choice, everything just worked so well together, a credit to Kate and Andy (although I suspect mainly Kate!) for their creativity.

The reception was decorated beautifully and was the perfect spot for the newlyweds to welcome their guests. The drinks flowed freely as the guest quenched their thirst. I mingled around the wedding party with my second photographer, Neil capturing the guests candidly whilst they enjoyed their drinks. 

The more Summer weddings I photograph, the more I enjoy them. Clouds filled the sky on the day, this acted as a large soft box, which makes lovely photographs. Kate and Andy decided to go for a drive around with myself and Neil on the golf buggies provided by Wychwood Park, and what fun we had! 

Unfortunately the sunset wasn't as good as we would have liked for the final couple portraits, but we still made the best of what was given to us! 

All in all I had a blast at Kate and Andy's wedding and I'm so glad they invited me along. 

Congratulations, and here are some of my favourites from their day.

2018-04-11_00112018-04-11_0011 2018-04-11_00122018-04-11_0012 2018-04-11_00132018-04-11_0013 2018-04-11_00142018-04-11_0014 2018-04-11_00152018-04-11_0015 2018-04-11_00162018-04-11_0016 2018-04-11_00172018-04-11_0017


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Hayley and Martin Wedding Rookery Hall Photography – Martin Pawlett Photography

Wedding reception – Rookery Hall

Make-up – Sarah Meredith MUA

Dress – Roberta's Bridal

Flowers – Flowers by Alison

Cake – Sugarcloud Cakes

Evening entertainment – Hipswing

Hayley and Martin celebrated their wedding recently and I was their chosen photographer after meeting them at a wedding fayre. I was so happy to be part of such an awesome celebration. A amazing venue for a wedding,  Rookery Hall located just outside Nantwich in Cheshire definitely gave a special vibe to the event. Such a charming place, it's refreshing to come back to Rookery Hall, it is such a stunning place to create such breathtaking memories. I am very blessed to work in such delightful locations as a wedding photographer. 

I started shooting at Rookery Hall where Hayley and her bridesmaids were getting ready for the day. Bridal Prep gives me an opportunity to get to know the bridal party a bit more and gives lots of opportunity for storytelling as Hayley was having her hair and makeup finished. I was keen to photograph Martin's story too as it began to unfold here, and so I sent my second photographer, Rob down to meet him and the guys.

The ceremony was stunning, the photographs I took of it definitely have a "love is in the air" vibe to them. 

After the ceremony we took some portraits of Hayley and Martin in and around the amazing grounds, they where definitely enjoying this moment among their beloved ones. It was a lovely atmosphere and everyone really enjoyed themselves. 

The season can really have an impact on a wedding and I find Summer weddings are some of my favourite. There was a lot of clouds in the sky about on the day, this acted as a large soft box, which really help with photographs. I think we just about managed to dodge some of the rain clouds!

It was a long time in the planning but Hayley and Martin pulled off an amazing wedding and I'm sure they will be really happy together. 


Here are some of my favourite photographs from their day;

2018-04-11_00012018-04-11_0001 2018-04-11_00022018-04-11_0002 2018-04-11_00032018-04-11_0003 2018-04-11_00042018-04-11_0004 2018-04-11_00052018-04-11_0005 2018-04-11_00062018-04-11_0006 2018-04-11_00072018-04-11_0007 2018-04-11_00082018-04-11_0008 2018-04-11_00092018-04-11_0009 2018-04-11_00102018-04-11_0010

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Laura and Lewis Mollington Banastre Wedding Chester Laura and Lewis were married at St Marks Church in Chester on an amazingly sunny day, with their reception at the nearby Mollington Banastre Hotel and Spa shortly afterwards.

Here are some of my favourites from their special day.

2018-04-04_00012018-04-04_0001 2018-04-04_00022018-04-04_0002 2018-04-04_00032018-04-04_0003 2018-04-04_00042018-04-04_0004 2018-04-04_00052018-04-04_0005 2018-04-04_00062018-04-04_0006 2018-04-04_00072018-04-04_0007

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Michelle and Lee Wedding Chateau Rhianfa Anglesey Chateau Rhianfa, in Anglesey is an amazing Grade ll-listed French-style Château set in a stunning location with breathtaking views looking out across Snowdonia.

Arriving the night before the wedding, the weather was awful, with rain lashing down and the wind blowing a gale. However everything changed in the morning of the wedding day, with sun and blue skies!

The Chateau is a maze of stunning rooms and surprises around every corner. Although this wasn't my first visit, it was my first wedding here, and from the moment Michelle and Lee booked me to photograph their special day, I couldn't wait to that day to arrive!

I don't think I've laughed so much during a wedding, as Michelle and Lee are just the perfect happy couple!

Photography – Martin Pawlett Photography

Wedding reception – Chateau Rhianfa

Here are a few special moments from your wedding day;

2018-01-17_00302018-01-17_0030 2018-01-17_00312018-01-17_0031 2018-01-17_00322018-01-17_0032 2018-01-17_00332018-01-17_0033 2018-01-17_00342018-01-17_0034 2018-01-17_00352018-01-17_0035 2018-01-17_00362018-01-17_0036 2018-01-17_00372018-01-17_0037 2018-01-17_00382018-01-17_0038



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Lorna and Matt Wedding Slaters Country Inn This was my first wedding at Slaters Country Inn, however we had met Lorna and Matt here a few weeks prior to their big day to have a look around and discuss options for photographs.

The wedding house set in private gardens is a stunning venue for your ceremony, and has great opportunities for photographs inside and out. Matt was very nervous before the ceremony, however afterwards he soon relaxed and enjoyed the day. Such a nice couple, we had a good laugh with Lorna and Matt throughout the entire day.

Wandering around the venue later on with the happy couple, we explored even further afield to find some great locations for their couple photographs. Its always nice to take the couple away from their guests for 10 minutes where they can relax and we can capture some amazing portraits with them.

Photography – Martin Pawlett Photography

Wedding reception – Slaters Country Inn

Here are a few of my favourite photographs from their day;

2018-01-17_00232018-01-17_0023 2018-01-17_00242018-01-17_0024 2018-01-17_00252018-01-17_0025 2018-01-17_00262018-01-17_0026 2018-01-17_00272018-01-17_0027 2018-01-17_00282018-01-17_0028 2018-01-17_00292018-01-17_0029



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Hannah and Jonathan Wedding Combermere Abbey Combermere Abbey is a stunning venue on the borders of Cheshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire and North Wales, and was the venue of choice for Hannah and Jonathan a few weeks ago.

I've photographed many weddings here, and each time been in different parts of the venue for the bridal prep and groom prep. There are so many options for photographs here, and again each time I find something new.

Their suppliers were;

Photography – Martin Pawlett Photography

Wedding ceremony and reception venue - Combermere Abbey 

Hair and  Make-up – Chloe Taylor

Dress – Abigail's Bridal

Flowers – Hayley's Flower Studio

Cake - Sweet Jem's Bakery

Ceili - Night and Day Music Agency

DJ - Groove Noise


Here are a few of my favourites from their day;

2018-01-17_00142018-01-17_0014 2018-01-17_00162018-01-17_0016 2018-01-17_00152018-01-17_0015 2018-01-17_00172018-01-17_0017 2018-01-17_00182018-01-17_0018 2018-01-17_00192018-01-17_0019 2018-01-17_00202018-01-17_0020 2018-01-17_00212018-01-17_0021 2018-01-17_00222018-01-17_0022

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Caroline and Craig Willington Hall Pre Wedding Photoshoot Back in September we met up with Caroline and Craig for the pre wedding photoshoot at their chosen location, Willington Hall near Tarporley in Cheshire. This also happens to be their Wedding venue, which is absolutely stunning! 

The late summer/early autumn sun kept appearing and disappearing behind the clouds throughout the photoshoot so we took advantage when we could. Caroline and Craig appear to be naturals in front of the camera, I can't wait to photograph their wedding shortly.

Here are a few of my favourites from the day.

2017-08-30_00012017-08-30_0001 2017-08-30_00022017-08-30_0002 2017-08-30_00032017-08-30_0003

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Dionne and Oliver Wedding Wychwood Park Dionne and Oliver were married at Wychwood Park Hotel in Crewe back in June, and as a recommended photographer at Wychwood Park, and having been married there myself a few years ago, I know the venue inside out. Its a great venue with so much potential for stunning photographs no matter what the British weather throws our way.

They are an amazing couple, and I couldn't wait to photograph their special day, from the moment I met them both at a wedding fayre last year.

I knew this day was going to be a great laugh, as they both have a wicked sense of humour, and their friends and families were great too. They didn't disappoint!

Their suppliers were;

Photography – Martin Pawlett Photography
Wedding ceremony and reception venue – Wychwood Park
Evening entertainment – Hipswing

I had a hard time choosing just a few of my favourite photographs, but here they are;

2018-01-17_00072018-01-17_0007 2018-01-17_00082018-01-17_0008 2018-01-17_00092018-01-17_0009 2018-01-17_00102018-01-17_0010 2018-01-17_00112018-01-17_0011 2018-01-17_00122018-01-17_0012

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Photographers Camera Kit Photographer Kit, whats in my bag?

A question I often get asked while photographing at Weddings and other events, what kit do I use? Sometimes theres a bit of Camera kit envy with the guests too when they see what kit you have!

So, heres my current Camera body and Camera lens kit. Note I occasionally hire in other kit too, such as another camera body or camera lens.

Canon 5D Mark IV Body

This is currently my main camera body, released last year it offers amazing quality, low noise, a near silent shutter and so many other features. I love this camera body and the photographs I produce from it.

Canon 5D Mark IV┬áBodyCanon 5D Mark IV BodyCanon 5D Mark IV Body

Canon 5D Mark III Body

This used to be my main body, until the 5D4 was launched. Another amazing camera, used as a backup body and also during the ceremony so I can use two different lenses without the need to change mid way through.

Canon 5D Mark III BodyCanon 5D Mark III BodyCanon 5D Mark III Body

Canon EF 17-40mm f4L USM Lens

A great wide angle lens often used to photograph the venue setup photos, the large group photo, and the wedding breakfast room photo. Its also one of the main lenses used in my landscape photography, with a great wide angle view that can capture even the most vast of landscapes.

Canon EF 17-40mm f4L USM Lenscanon-17-40mmCanon EF 17-40mm f4L USM Lens

Canon EF 24-70mm f2.8L USM Lens

A great all round workhorse often used during the ceremony, and also for some of the group photographs. The zoom range enables me to stay virtually still during the ceremony and to be unnoticed by everyone. Great depth of field with the f2.8 aperture too.

Canon EF 24-70mm f2.8L II USM LensCanon EF 24-70mm f2.8L II USM LensCanon EF 24-70mm f2.8L II USM Lens

Canon EF 50mm f1.2L Lens

One of my all time favourites lenses, with a f1.2 aperture - its like someone turning the light on in a dark venue/church. The depth of field on this is immense, however it has to be used with care. The slightest breath, and you will lose focus. The bokeh (blurry background!) this is produces is stunning too.

Canon EF 50mm f1.2L LensCanon EF 50mm f1.2L LensCanon EF 50mm f1.2L Lens

Canon EF 70-200mm f2.8L IS USM II Lens

Another great workhorse allowing me to capture moments without you seeing, with the vast zoom range. Its a heavy chunk of glass and metal (and its known as the beast!). Amazing bokeh from this one too, another firm favourite from me.

Canon EF 70-200mm f2.8L IS USM II LensCanon EF 70-200mm f2.8L IS USM II LensCanon EF 70-200mm f2.8L IS USM II Lens

Canon EF 135mm f2.0 L USM Lens

The newest addition to the lens family for me! This one needs a bit more thought composition wise as its another prime (fixed focal length) lens. However the results it produces are truly stunning, with its wide f2 aperture.

Canon EF 135mm f2.0 L USM LensCanon EF 135mm f2.0 L USM LensCanon EF 135mm f2.0 L USM Lens

Canon EF 100mm f2.8 Macro USM Lens

One of the least used lenses, mainly because my second photographers often photograph the rings with their Macro lenses while with the groomsmen. However its a cracking lens for the money, again needs to be used with care as do all macro lenses.

Canon EF 100mm f2.8 Macro USM LensCanon EF 100mm f2.8 Macro USM LensCanon EF 100mm f2.8 Macro USM Lens

Canon 24-105... ok its not really, its a Coffee Cup!

Extremely useful for holding coffee when editing! Keeps it warm too :)

Coffe Cup CanonCoffee Cup LensCanon Lens Cup

CF and SD Cards

Finally, the vast selection of SD and Compact Flash cards I use. My camera bodies have dual slots and I use both all the time, as a backup in case of card failure. I use a mix of Sandisk Extreme and Lexar Professional - in a mix of 16Gb and 32Gb. Plenty of storage for an entire wedding or two! 

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Kate and Andy Pre Wedding Wychwood park We met up with Kate and Andy at Wychwood Park for the pre wedding photoshoot, on a rainy summers day - however that didn't stop us capturing some great moments during the walk around. Such a fantastic couple I can't wait to be back at Wychwood Park Golf Club for their wedding in August!

Here are some of my favourites from the day,

Pre Wedding Photoshoot Wychwood ParkPre Wedding Photoshoot Wychwood ParkPre Wedding Photoshoot Wychwood Park Pre Wedding Photoshoot Wychwood ParkPre Wedding Photoshoot Wychwood ParkPre Wedding Photoshoot Wychwood Park Pre Wedding Photoshoot Wychwood ParkPre Wedding Photoshoot Wychwood ParkPre Wedding Photoshoot Wychwood Park

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Hannah and Jonathan Pre Wedding Lyme Park A few months ago back in April we met up with Hannah and Jonathan for their pre wedding photoshoot at their chosen location - Lyme Park near Stockport. Avid walkers they wanted to go for a stroll around the stunning grounds that make up Lyme Park. The day was sunny, but with a cold wind and we initially headed towards the Hall and the Cage but then decided to head away from the crowds into the stunning countryside the surrounds.

With only a few days before they get married at the amazon Combermere Abbey - I can't wait!

Here are some of my favourites from the day.

2017-07-17_00012017-07-17_0001 2017-07-17_00022017-07-17_0002 2017-07-17_00032017-07-17_0003

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